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CV: forms of successful presentation

CV is a professionals business card. A document supposed to entirely (but within the limits of 1-2 printed pages!) embrace your practical experience, personal characteristics, skills and priorities.

A successful CV should comprise the following sections:

  • Objectives and expectations (vacancies of primary interest, salary expectations, your preferences concerning the profile of the company, if any);
  • The candidates educational level college and additional training (institutions, courses, years, degrees);
  • Professional background allowing to compete for a certain vacancy or future openings specified in the section Objectives and expectations. Usually jobs are listed in reverse chronological order starting from the most recent one. Readers of your CV will be thankful to you if you manage to point out the following items when describing each place of employment:
    Name of the company,
    Industry, company profile,
    Name of the position,
    Job responsibilities (in figures, facts and details),
    Professional tasks and achievements (in figures, facts and details).
  • Your contacts (please indicate several phone numbers, one of which should be permanent);
  • Personal information (address, age, marital status, etc. ad libitum).
  • When writing a CV, bear in mind that every single vacancy deserves a differently-focused approach, so a CV can not and should not be universal!

    Your application for a vacancy should reflect your priorities, expectations and skills for this particular stage of your career development and with regard to this particular vacancy.

    Ask yourself two simple questions: why is this vacancy so interesting for me? and what am I able to and want to do to achieve success in this position?. And in case your CV is short of detailed info on these issues, please, support it with a cover letter addressed to the person in charge.

    Please see that the cover letter communicates full-size your active interest to the position under discussion. Be aware of the fact that languor, indecision, ambiguity of wording may shift you to the background scene. In 100% of cases the employer would prefer those who are ready for action, energetic, confident and balanced, those who regard a position in question as a strong professional challenge and a cooperation with the customers company as a meaningful step in life.

    We are looking forward to your letters bright and challenging presentations of your professional experience!

    We wish you restlessness in search of new opportunities and maturity in decision making!